On May 7th 2019 the Mog opened in Genoa, the new space inside the Genoa's Mercato Orientale dedicated to street food and the excellence of national and international cuisine. Open every day, from 10am to midnight, the new space is designed to offer to Genoese and tourists a meeting point with a modern taste and looking to the future, with gourmet specialties and revisited recipes.

Immediately appreciated by everyone, the market can be compared to those already present in various European cities such as the "Boqueria" in Barcelona, the "Covent Garden" in London or the "Time Out" in Lisbon, or the rest of the world, like the "Mercado del Puerto" in Montevideo or the "Mercado Central" in São Paulo.

The MOG's Piazza del Gusto is a real gastronomic center with 11 culinary corners with different products: ranging from gourmet sandwiches to meat, from the Genoese trattoria to the pizza with a 15th century recipe, from the Genoese focaccia to the Boccadasse's fried fish. In the center is a beautiful bar that serves excellent cocktails and draft beers. Going up the stairs there is the restaurant led by chef Daniele Rebosio, a young Genoese chef who teached by Alain Ducasse, in Paris, and will propose a modern but local cuisine.

During the day, until 7.30 pm, you can appreciate and shop in the 105 historic stalls that are located in the ring that surrounds the MOG.

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