Genoese fortifications

The Genoese fortifications, erected in defense of the so-called "new" walls and the city of Genoa, are a system of ramparts and castles that wind over the mountains behind the city. In recent years the "Parco delle Mura" was built around this defensive system, on an area of ​​870 hectares on the edge of the city. In fact, abandoned to their fate until the nineties, the Genoese forts are seeing a slow recovery attempt to promote a truly uncontaminated area with infinite potential. Nowadays there are many possibilities to follow these paths to visit the forts. We suggest you to start from the arrival of the Zecca-Righi funicular.
Going about 1 km uphill through Via del Peralto, you will cross the gym on the left, a few meters away you can begin the journey to discover the forts. The first to meet is Forte Sperone, one of the most impressive, is the meeting point of the two branches of the defensive walls. Heading north, through grassy fields with truly spectacular views of the gulf and the Ligurian hinterland, you will arrive in Forte Puin, built starting in 1815. Continuing the path, you can reach Forte Fratello Minore and Forte Diamante, perhaps the best known and the most spectacular, built in 1756. The imposing three - storey building, unused since 1914, can not be visited today, but once you arrive in the square in front of the rampart walls, you will enjoy a priceless view. To get back to the city center you can take the little train of Casella in the Trensasco station and get off at the terminus that is located in Piazza Manin, on the heights of the historical center.
Lovers of trekking, mountain biking and jogging are really spoiled for choice in these routes inside Parco delle Mura. From the CAMPEGGIO VILLA DORIA, arrive comfortably by train in Piazza Principe (20 minutes) and from there in 10 minutes on foot arrive at the start of the Zecca-Righi funicular.
At the reception you will always find someone ready to help you create the most suitable route to satisfy your curiosity and help you better organize the time you have available.Following the campsite you can also buy tickets for public transport to move in the city of Genoa in full autonomy, the single from € 4.50 or the ticket for 4 people to € 9 which are valid for 24 hours on the entire public transport network in Genoa (train, bus, subway, lifts and funiculars). You will be provided with maps of the city and all the necessary information.

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