The walk on the Historical Aqueduct it’s classic in spring and autumn days , when the temperature it’s not so warm. Very popular through genoese families, the route it’s almost unknown to tourists. The acqueduct it’s a massive structure, built from 1200 over a previous roman structure to supply of water the city of Genoa. It was working until 1951. Over the 40 km that were existing before, are now left large parts where you can wak or go on the bicycle, on a path that pass through gardens and houses of Bisagno valley, in a beautiful hilly scenary and in nature. You can notice how the old aqueduct has been transformed and mimetized arriving until the city center, passing beside the monumental cementery of Staglieno and the forts that surround the city. There are many entrance to the path, but we suggest to start in the neighbourhood of Prato, so you can walk downhill.

To arrive to Prato you can take the bus 13 or 14 from the city center and get out at the last stop.From the Campeggio Villa Doria you will arrive easily with the train to the Genova Brignole station (25 minutes) and from there you can catch the bus 13 ,go until the last stop and start the route. At the reception you can always find someone who can help you organizing your visit and giving all the informations and the city map. At the camping you can also buy the tickets for public transport to move yourself in the city with total autonomy.