The Lanterna, Genoa’s symbol, is the highest Mediterranean lighthouse and one of the most famous in the world. The actual construction is from 1543, but already from 1128 there was a tower that worked as a lighthouse at the entrance of the port, and also as a prison. The Lanterna’s history is related with the one of the Common first and later of the Genoa Republic , until the nowadays that is the most famous part of Genoa’s skyline. After many years of works and restorations today is possible to visit the complex, eather the tower than the musuem in the fortifications, on saturday and sunday, from 14.30 till 18.30. In the museum you can’t find objects but stories about genoa and its province, also with films. With 172 stairs you can reach at the first terrace of the tower, where there is a beautiful panorama over Genoa, the port and the mountains. To arrive at the Lanterna you can walk for 800 metres starting from the Ferry Terminal in the neighbourhood called Dinegro.

From the Campeggio Villa Doria you will arrive easily with the train to the Genova Piazza Principe station (20 minutes). You can arrive to the beginning of the path in 15 minutes walking, passing in Via Andrea Doria, where youcan see the amazing Palazzo del Principe, of the XV century, and Via Buozzi.

At the reception you can always find someone who can help you organizing your visit and giving all the informations and the city map. At the camping you can also buy the tickets for public transport to move yourself in the city with total autonomy.