The city of Genoa is the perfect base to spend a wonderful day with the family spotting the cetaceans. Loved by young and old, this activity allows you to know up close 8 species of these beautiful animals, including the common dolphin, the whale, the cachalot and the dolphins. In the heart of the Ligurian Sea, not far from the city is the International Cetacean Sanctuary, a perfect place for the sighting of these protected species.
Protected area since 1999, with an agreement between France, Italy and the Principality of Monaco, it extends for 100,000 km in national and international waters, in a protected habitat to safeguard the life of these endangered species.
Through the stories of a biologist on the boat, you will discover many secrets, information and curiosities of these animals so fascinating, thus transforming the trip in an 'opportunity to learn.
You can start either from Genova PortoAntico, next to the Aquarium, or from Genova Pegli. From the CAMPEGGIO VILLA DORIA in 15 minutes on foot (about 800m) you will be boarding the boat to start this beautiful trip to discover the cetaceans. Staying with us you will therefore find yourself in a convenient position, at the reception we will give you all the necessary information and a map to get to the boarding point!

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