With the AMT ticket that you can buy at the reception you can use the public lifts and the funiculars in all the city of Genoa. The Castelletto lift leaves Piazza Portello and in 1 minute you will arrive to Belvedere Montaldo, one of the most interesting places in Genova. Here you can admire the view over the historical center, the roofs, the bell towers. Tasting a special granita with cream on top you can watch the sunset behind the Ligurian Appenini , colouring with pink the light and the lighthouse and the ships in the port.

The Funicolare Zecca-Righi leaves Largo Zecca and in 20 minutes will take you in the hills of Righi, known to be surrounded by nature and with beautiful views over the city.Here you can do trekking in the woods , looking at the genoese XVI-XVII century castles and forts built to defend the city. To go back to the city center you can walk, starting from salita Porta delle Chiappe, trough the creuze, typical red brick paths that descend the ligurian territory. You can stop by the Madonnetta sanctuary, in baroque style and with a amazing Maragliano’s Nativity scene, of the XVI century. Form the sanctuary in 15 minutes you will arrive to Albergo dei Poveri and then to the city center. Starting from Righi the descent its about 3 km, maximum 40 minutes.

From the Campeggio Villa Doria you will arrive easily with the train to the Genova Piazza Principe station (20 minutes) and from there with 10 minutes walk you will arrive to the beginning of the funicular Zecca-Righi and 5 minutes more you will arrive to Piazza Portello, where the lift starts.At the reception you can always find someone who can help you organizing your visit and giving all the informations and the city map. At the camping you can also buy the tickets for public transport to move yourself in the city with total autonomy.