A few kilometers from Genoa there are two real pearls of the Ligurian Riviera: Camogli and Portofino. Set in the promontory of Monte di Portofino, they offer a unique scenery in Italy and renowned international fame. Camogli is an ancient fishing village, with characteristic houses of different colors that overlook the typical Ligurian beach. To visit are the Minor Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta, overlooking the underlying port and the adjacent Castle of Dragonara. From Camogli we recommend a boat trip (alternatively there are various routes for lovers of trekking) that crosses the Marine Protected Area of ​​the Promontory of Portofino, touching Punta Chiappa (small promontory of rocks from where you can enjoy an exceptional view of Genoa and the coastal towns) and the nearby Abbey of San Fruttuoso di Capodimonte. On the banks of the small bay (where is located the famous Christ of the Abyss) you can visit this monastic structure belonging to the Doria family and built between the tenth and eleventh centuries. Going in low season you will find yourself in a place with few equals in Italy, among the crystal clear waters and the uncontaminated nature.
Continuing with the boat you get to Portofino, an internationally renowned resort for its history intertwined with that of famous people, entertainment stars, actors and singers. Cradle of the Dolce Vita, the small village of Portofino is nestled in an inlet of the homonymous mountain. Also here you will find the characteristic houses with different shades and small fishing boats in the area, but also luxurious restaurants and shops that satisfy the exclusive clientele of the place. Unlike Camogli, the view of the port is characterized by the beautiful yachts of wealthy tourists visiting the village.
From the CAMPEGGIO VILLA DORIA you arrive comfortably by train to Camogli and from there you can start the magnificent trekking routes or take the tourist boat. If you prefer to visit only Portofino we suggest you get off at Santa Margherita Ligure and from there take the bus.
At the reception you will always find someone ready to help you create the most suitable route to satisfy your curiosity and to better organize the time you have available.
At the campsite you can also buy tickets for public transport to move in the city of Genoa in full autonomy, the single from € 4.50 or the ticket for 4 people to € 9 which are valid for 24 hours on the entire public transport network in Genoa (train, bus, subway, lifts and funiculars). You will be provided with maps of the city and all the necessary information.

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