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Bike or rickshaw tours

A beautiful and alternative way to visit the historic centre of Genoa is by bike or rickshaw tours. You can use your own bike or take advantage of TreeCycle's ebikes. The guides are young men and women who will take you through the narrow and fascinating alleys of the historic centre and tell you many…
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Ascensore Montegalletto

Due to its hilly nature, Genoa has developed an interesting range of public transportation systems. There are three funicular railways, a steeply climbing rack railway, and 10 public elevators that connect the lower parts of the city with those above. None of these systems, however, are quite as peculiar as the Ascensore Castello d’Albertis-Montegalletto. The…
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On May 7th 2019 the Mog opened in Genoa, the new space inside the Genoa's Mercato Orientale dedicated to street food and the excellence of national and international cuisine. Open every day, from 10am to midnight, the new space is designed to offer to Genoese and tourists a meeting point with a modern taste and…
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