There are various possibilities in Genoa and its surroundings to carry out underwater activities. With its jagged coastline, the city is a great starting point for diving lovers. In the district of Nervi, for example, the coast is ideal for diving and discovering the rocky seabes typical of Liguria.
Continuing for a few kilometers you will find the Protected Marine Area of ​​Portofino Promontory, a true paradise for lovers of the subaquea, with dozens of protected fish species, wrecks and the famous Christ of the Abyss at San Fruttuoso di Camogli. Moreover, not far from the Genoa Pegli district and therefore from the CAMPEGGIO VILLA DORIA , you can visit the famous Haven supertanker, the largest relicable wreck in the Mediterranean (for some sources the largest in the world) sunk in 1991 between Arenzano and Voltri. With a length of 334 meters and a width of 52 meters, located 85 meters deep, it is very popular among lovers of scuba diving and easily visited by contacting the Arenzano Diving Center (it is mandatory to present a special permit).

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