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Road problems Genoa – Genoa bridge collapse

After the collapse of the Morandi bridge in Genoa it is no longer possible to take the A10-E80 motorway section between Genova Aeroporto and Genova Ovest.

For those arriving from Ventimiglia

that want to stay at the Villa Doria campsite there are no changes compared to the past, just exit at the Genova Pegli toll booth.

Those arriving from La Spezia

must exit at Genova Ovest and continue along the Aurelia, that is the SS1, which crosses the whole city of Genoa: once arrived in the Pegli district, follow the arrows for the camping.

Those arriving from Northern Italy

can reach us using the A26. The exit will be Genova Pegli.
Concerning traffic problems to reach the center of Genoa, if you go by car you find traffic, but if you use regional trains you reach the center in 20 minutes. We always suggest to use the public transport.


Once you arrive at the Villa Doria Campsite, the fastest way to reach the city center of Genoa is the regional train. Following to the collapse of the viaduct, regional train runs have been increased to alleviate city traffic, so every 20 minutes there is a train. In 20 minutes you reach the center of Genoa.

Other ways to get to the center:

the Navebus ferry that connects Pegli to the Porto Antico ( in the center of the city ) and the bus line 1 that runs through the western part of the city and ends close to the aquarium.

Keep in mind the convenience in using the ticket from € 4.50 per person for 24 hours (used on all public transport such as regional trains, buses, public lifts and the subway) and that from € 9 for 4 people for 24 hours.
We are waiting for you!

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